Meet Rex, The Great Dane

Even dogs like to walk in fashion so there's no reason Rex can't be wearing the Navy Pink Tri-Check!


Wanna see Rex and CottonSnaps™ in action? See below!

Rex lookin' good in black sunglasses with Navy Pink Tri-Check!

Dog Walking with CottonSnaps™

Hassle-Free Dog Walking


    Well, we know walking our dog’s during the day that sun light effects their eyes too.  A bright day without sunglasses is a complete “no”, right? That can create a problem for you too and that is, as they pick up the pace or dart off quickly, (e.g. chasing a squirrel, dog or rabbit) you can lose your sun glasses too Especially if your dog is like Rex. Chances are your sunglasses falls to the ground and breaks.  


     You definitely don’t want that to happen, right? SOLUTION -That’s where CottonSnaps™ patent-pending magnetic lock technology comes in. With CottonSnaps™ your daily dog-walking becomes hassle-free. You’ll both look outstanding in the neighborhood, and you’ll both be able to run without losing your glasses or fear of those falling glasses, just think about which SNAP you going to wear  while enjoying your doggy time! Should it be seersucker, gingham or…?

Try it you’ll like it and s
tart wearing one!

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May 03, 2016 by CottonSnaps Team
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