Why You Should Start Wearing Sunglass Retainers

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Sunglasses have come a LONG way from when the first Inuit cut slits into flattened walrus ivory to protect his eyes from the sunlight reflected off the snow in the 1200s. They are sleek, stylish, fashionable, functional, and iconic.

Sunglasses were initially built to protect your vision from ultraviolet ray’s harmful effects, but they have been improved with different colors shades, better air circulation measures, and selections of changeable lenses so you can adapt to different times of the day and different environments.

Here’s the thing. What good does an amazing pair of sunglasses do for you if you break them? Sunglass retainers will protect your wallet from costs associated with:

  • Broken Sunglass lenses
  • Losing Your Sunglasses
  • Broken Frames

What good does all of that do if you lose them? You should start wearing sunglass retainers because you have made a real investment in your health and personal style and the last thing you want to do is lose/break them.

There are a great many styles that work with your chosen sunnies, whether they are sports-specific like our solids or fashionable like the seersuckers. And those straps make make sure that you don’t have to worry about losing your favourite Ray-Ban sunglasses or this season 2016 Christian Dior Aviator.

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 Another great reason for purchasing sunglass retainers is because.. Falling sunglasses is the BANE for active peoples.


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Imagine this, you are in the middle of a casual dog's walk, a calming jog in the Sunday afternoon and your dog has begun to ran off from you. What happens next? You chased your dog. You sweat much. Your glasses start to slip off your nose. Well maybe you can tolerate it for a while but, eventually, you have to take your hand off your dog's leash, stop the walk, pull over or at least let loose of the leash, or otherwise slow down from what you are doing since you're doing it one-handed.  Or nevertheless, you end up with your sunglasses falling to the floor. 


Even if you only buy cheap ones that you don’t mind losing, when you are in the middle of an activity, you can’t afford to have them malfunction or slip off your face at the wrong time


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Or maybe for water-sport lovers, we have different case to discuss. Here are some:

  1. Have you been surfing and been struck by a rogue wave that took off your sunnies?
  2. What about if you gone whitewater rafting and lost a pair to a class 4 sudden drop?

In any of these situations, a sunglass retainer would certainly help.  CottonSnaps Sunglass Retainers provide solutions to problems that you haven’t anticipated sudden challenges and obstacles in our daily routines.  CottonSnaps look amazing, feel great, and are super light weight. Don’t let your black-box stops you from purchasing one, here’s some suggestion for the surfers(Surfboard Blue) or for rafters(Hunter’s Orange)

There are lots of different retainers in the market- they too have developed over the decades - but the perspiration situation brings up another important point.


Our innovative epoxy-coated magnets not only prevent the sunglasses from slipping off your face, they also protect your investment from the salt in your sweat that adds to the wear-and-tear of a favorite pair of sunnies. Your sunglasses can become part of your “look” and the last thing you want is for your style to be messed up by perspiration damage and damage brought on by dropping your sunglasses to the ground.

The main complaint for older style of traditional sunglass retainers is that they fell off of the arms of the sunglasses, entirely defeating the main point of having them in the first place - but epoxy-coated magnets keep your cheaters in place, snugly on your face.

The one-size-fits-all design makes it very easy to pick up one or several retainers since many sunglass enthusiasts have multiple pairs - just pick the color and pattern that suits your fashion, sports, driving, and low-light sunglasses and you won’t have to worry about losing any of them ever again!

These are designed to be easily attached to every member of your sunglasses collection and then stay attached until you choose to replace them with the latest and greatest model from our collection. With fashion changing and many different sunglass designs are coming every year, it is the wise one that chooses to wear sunglass retainers. There are different patterns and colors to suit every style and function, so take a look today!



February 01, 2017 by CottonSnaps Team
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