2016 Spring/ Summer Collection by CottonSnaps™

This season we wanted to give our customers new patterns and textures that have been long anticipated.  We selected cotton/linen blends, bohemian prints, vintage fabrics (limited editions) and new Southern Prep prints that we are most famous for.  Introducing:

  • Desert Linen- This Snap is long overdue.  This cotton/linen blend is classic and earthy at the same time. Don’t wait to make your classic statement piece on the beach, a day in the city, music festival or at your next beach wedding.

  • Tumble Rose- This is for all our ladies who fancy this years reinvention of florals and rose patterns and the new Preppy style of Spring 2016.  Tumble Rose, gives you the perfect blend of Green Flash, Peach Echo and Rose Quartz. What better way to bring these all together than in the Tumble Rose CottonSnap™.



  • Charcoal Linen- This is a must have. Snaps needed a charcoal black and we didn’t want to give you the boring black solid cotton.  With distinction and sophistication you can now wear our textured charcoal black Snap either for dress up or down.  It is a classic!


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      • Americas Geometric's Kaleidoscope- Since we are an American made Veteran Owned company we are committed and inspired to provide you with a red, white, and blue option. These colors are subtle but a makes a perfect statement like you see on collared shirts or cuffs. 
      • Proudly worn, this pattern adds a true statement in any man’s or woman’s attire.  It’s said this year is the most important election year in our Nation.  Wearing this pattern definitely transcends a style and a Spirit that can accent the perfect East Coast, Southern Prep, or Bohemian ansamble.

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            • Free Spirited FeathersThe name says it all.  This snap radiated the bohemian, music festal, and adventures at large.  This will be your go to snap for a full day out and about when you need to look good but protect your glasses.  This snap says cool and relaxed.

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              • Anchors Away- We wouldn’t be the Ultimate Sunglass Accessory” if we didn’t provide you with a nautical anchor pattern.  CottonSnaps™ loves our coastal fans and wants you looking your best.

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                • Southern Whales- This Snap is for the entire whale loving Southern Prepster out there. The Peach Echo and Snorkel Blue combination is right on trend for Spring 2016.  They will go with all your kakis, polos, and casual wear.

                  Whale you wear this? Because if it was me to decide, I would!

                    • Summer Brite- CottonSnap™ is really proud of this limited addition Snap.  This fabric is a vintage selection that is perfect for fun in the sun.  You will be noticed and loved whether being at the pool, the Resorts or out and about for a ladies luncheon.  We couldn’t get enough of this fabric so it will sell out quickly.

                    This snap truly reminds the vintages of 90s style! A truly classic design of an art.

                    • CottonSnaps™ Private Island- This Snap is 100% class all the way! A cotton blend fabric filled with this season’s pantone colors is accented ever so slightly with a metallic gold thread that just sets this apart from are other ladies Snaps.  This works well at any pool, Private Island, on or off the tennis court when a VIP statement is needed.


                    • Southern Bell-  Ladies this snap just screams Southern Bell and needs to be a must have to accent all your summer tunics and cover-ups or casual attire.  The blend of turquoise and pink is just stunning.  Once you try it you will be obsessed.

                    • Downtown Floral- This is my personal favorite.  This snaps is filled with every color that women go to every spring summer season.  I had a blast photographing this pair because I could dress it up or dress it down. 


                    It pops with just every color.  In my photo shoot I chose to showcase it with a lovely mustard dress for a lunch with the ladies or a off the shoulder white casual blouse.  This is sure stable in your collection.


                    I hope you enjoy our fabric selection for this Spring Summer Collection 2016.  I know CottonSnaps enjoyed hand selecting just for your needs and fashion style. Visit our site later this season for some new limited additions pieces to keep you all guessing and you know that we will have some special red, white and blue Veteran/American pride Snaps that will help you prepare for America’s up and coming holidays.


                    Article written Krysti Pashby

                    Fabric and Pattern selected by Krysti Pashby and Susie Ripaldi CottonSnaps™ Team

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