CottonSnaps™ New Fall Collection- First Release

CottonSnaps Fall Sunglass accessories

2016 Fall Collection by CottonSnaps

Finally fall is upon us and we are excited to release our new Fall Collection.  This season CottonSnaps has decided to bring to you a slightly shorter snap by about an inch, new patterns, textures, and modern trends seen on falls hottest runways.  Our stylist  has been inspired by her eclectic vibe  with cotton/corduroy blends, vintage fabrics (limited editions), 70’s inspired prints and the of course the best preppy prints.  Designers like our favorites  Tory Burch, Lily Pulitzer, and Vineyard Vines have set a great color palette that we have followed to make your  fall wardrobe.

 Enjoy falls fashion trends and pair them with the perfect CottonSnaps,  “The Ultimate Sunglass Accessory, and the ONLY magnetic snap.” 


Preppy Chords

This snap is the first ever corduroy snap and brings to life this falls textures and colors making it the perfect fall accessory.  The Navy background showcases pink, salmon, and berry perfectly.   It just sets apart from are other ladies Snaps available. Whether you'll be wearing this to anchor your shades in styles or protecting them on your next adventure; you cannot beat the "VIP" statement that is embodied in the design alone. 

Preppy Chords, Corduroy Sunglass Straps

Preppy Chords, Corduroy Sunglass Straps, navy

Southern Paisley

A cotton blend fabric filled with the rich colors of the southern sunshine.  This season Navy is the new Black. This navy based Lily Pulitzer inspired paisley is accented perfectly with turquoise, lavender, and pink.  This will accent all your fall finds. Whether you'll be wearing this  by beach, or on an adventure you cannot beat the preppy statement this perfect accessory makes.

Southern Paisley, Southern prep colors and fabrics

American Sunflowers

A cotton fabric picked for its patriot and sweet red, white and blue flowers.  This snap offers this seasons denim on denim feel and has a hint of a mondern silver metallic accent through the snap.  This snap show cases this falls fashion statements on so many levels and will keep your sunglasses anchored in style.

Americas Sunflower, red, white, and blue American President

Game Day Red

CottonSnaps Sunglass Straps- Inspired by the colors of your favorite Red team.  This two-tones scarelt snap  represents the bold spirit of fans like perhaps Ohio State Buckeyes.  This accessory will anchor your shades for your important game days, day to day stylish looks,  and all your game day occasions. 

Scarlet Red, Ohio State, Buckeyes Sunglass Retainer


Game Day Red, Ohion State, Buckeyes, Preppy Vest

Fall Gingham

CottonSnaps Sunglass Straps- Inspired by the colors of  the fall runway. This maroon/burgundy retainer is a go to snap for your fall wardrobe.  If the runway isnt where you spend your time then wear it to your next adventure and anchor your sunglasses in style. This gingham sunglass retainer is perfect  for game wear for  universities like: Boston College, Mississippi State, or Texas A & M.

Maroon Gingham, Boston College, Texas Aggies,  Mississippi State


Fall Gingham, maroon, gingham, boston college, mississippi state, and Texas A & M

Mighty Maroon

 CottonSnaps Sunglass Straps- Inspired by the colors of  your favorite maroon team, like Boston College, Arizona State Mississippi State or Texas A & M. This solid series snap will go perfect with all this seasons colors or double for your school spirit wear.

Maroon Sunglass Strap, University of A & M, Boston College, Mississippi State

 Burnt Sienna

 CottonSnaps Sunglass Straps- Inspired by the colors of The University of Texas burnt orange. This snap will go perfect at any tailgating with your fellow longhorns, hanging out at Zilker Park or enjoying fabulous fall colors of the season.  Snaps are perfect for all occasions.

Burn Orange, UT, Longhorns, College Football

Burnt Orange Texas Longhorns, University of Texas, UT

  Psychedelic Orange

 CottonSnaps Sunglass Straps- Inspired by the colors of falls turning leaves and Texas burnt orange. This  two-toned snap will reprsent your school spirit tailgaiting with your fellow longhorns, festivals on 6th street or rocking your style with this seasons hottest trends.  Snaps are perfect for all occasions.

Burnt Orange, UT, University of Texas, Longhorns, hookem




October 19, 2016 by CottonSnaps Team
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