Three Degrees of CottonSnaps Preppy

Ever wondered what exactly is preppy?

Are there different kinds of preppy styles?  

 Answer:  YES

The definition of preppy according to Urban Dictionary is: "Noun (Prep): Comes from identifying one who goes to a preparatory or "prep" school (typically on the East Coast), or a school with the intent of preparing its students for college (often Ivy League).

Preppy has become a label where people conform to similar ideals, in areas like clothing, school behavior, and sports participation, because preps usually are more ambitious and/or image-conscious than others." according to Urban Dictionary.

So What is the difference between Southern Prep & North East Prep?

Are they different?  

Answer: YES

One big difference that comes to mind is there definitely seems to be two different versions of "preppy", southern prep and northern or northeastern prep.

Southern Prep tends to use lighter colors (like mint and coral) year round while Northern Prep uses darker colors (dark red, dark green) year round. I think it is because of the weather difference.  

Northern Prep Picture: Chevron Snaps below currently on Sale
Northern Prep










Northern Prep seems to be based in the Country Club culture.  So sports like sailing, polo, rugby etc. are very popular and often enjoy the use of the CottonSnaps sunglass retainer.  Popular brands seem to be: Brook Brothers, LLBean, RL Polo, and CottonSnaps.  Its hard to be exact on an entire style but it leans slightly more to the business look, with heavy textures and muted colors.


Southern Prep is basically the opposite. Popular brands currently appear to be Vineyard Vines,  CottonSnaps, and Southern Tide. Southern Prep is a bit more vibrant using saturated pastels, brighter  colors and on game day (in the SEC) its all about supporting your school colors. Think quarter zips, bow ties and CottonSnaps sunglass retainers, "The Ultimate Sunglass Acessory and the Only Maganetic Snap" with pastel shorts and boat shoes.

Southern Prep Shown below: pink, green lime strip now on Sale

souuthern prep

One thing for sure, both styles seem to have in common, use of color and textures which add to their style.  Preps dress to impress from head to toe in their dapper attire and their love for  sunglass accessories. We at CottonSnaps, "The Original Seersucker Sunglass retainer"  enjoy providing an accessory that meets both styles needs. It is always a pleasure to perfect that color or pattern each season to meet our clients needs.  We want to stay on top of the croakie, sunglass strap game and always give you the latest trends to match your outfit.  CottonSnaps, "the ultimate sunglass accessory and the only magnetic snap."  

Logans of Lexingtonvineyard vines

 Photos from Logans of Lexington & Joseph's Clothiers Savannah carrying CottonSnaps™

Please stay tuned because we are currently hard at work bringing you the perfect fall collection.

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