CottonSnaps - Where Fashion meets Functionality. Home of the Original Seersucker Sunglass Straps.
In an eyewear industry dominated by the extremes of high fashion and the sporting lifestyle CottonSnaps approach was a simple one; Provide a strap that could flow seamlessly between the two extremes and provide ease where none had existed before. No longer does one need to mess up their hair or remove ones headgear in order  to wear CottonSnaps eyewear retainers. Combine apparel quality fabrics and magnetic functionality to produce a sunglass strap that not only looks good, but functions in a way that makes wearing it a pleasurable experience. Reduce expenses of misplacing glasses, scratching lenses or stretching frames just to mention a few. The next time you see someone stuck in the doldrums of rubber retainment, slipping ties or knots, approach them casually and let them know they have a choice.
CottonSnaps, The American way that sunglasses should be worn.


Take a look at how CottonSnaps™ will protect your Sunglasses: 

We are 100% Veteran owned and operated. CottonSnaps, Inc. is dedicated to helping our nation's Heroes as well as providing the most stylish Sunglass Retainers on the market. We believe it is crucial to balance building a business and sharing the profits with our Veterans. Through your purchases, you support life-changing programs that empower our Veterans to live full, rewarding lives.


Being located in Dallas, Texas, we have been working closely with the Lone Star Paralyzed Veterans AssociationThe Lone Star Chapter is a member of the Paralyzed Veterans of America that was chartered by Congress in 1946. At the time of their charter there were approximately 1,200 members. After World War II and the discovery of penicillin, many spinal-cord injured veterans who had before died within hours or weeks of injury, were being saved. The life expectancy of a SCI veteran, even at the time, was only two years. The veteran faced those years with little or no accessibility to public places, inadequate follow-up health care and almost nonexistent prosthetics equipment. The organization was founded to correct these and many other problems faced by the SCI injured and diseased veteran.  

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