Poppy Seed- New Shorter Design & Lily Pulitzer Inspired

$ 16.99

Poppy Seed- Lily Pulitzer Inspired Limited Edition Snap
This snap says it all. Its fun and vibrant.  The colors are a hard to come by mixture of turquoise, mint, pink, yellow, orange, and black. This snap has all the preppy colors of the water but does it with a modern twist.  
  • Limited Edition High Quality Spring-themed Fabric Cotton Construction
  • 9 inches in length - (Each strap)
  • 100% Latex Free Tubing to Lock the Sunglasses in Place
  • Custom 11 mm (0.43 inch) CottonSnaps™ riveting 
  • Patented Epoxy-Coated & Water-Resistant Magnetic Attachment for Ease of Use
  • Perfect Fit for Large Frame Sunglasses - Wood Sunglasses shown is Republic of Sol

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