Tumble Rose

$ 16.99 $ 11.04

Tumble Rose - Summer Collection Limited Edition Snap

The alchemy combination of Green Flash, Peach Echo and Rose Quartz matches perfectly to lighten up the spring style of 2016. This is for all our ladies who fancy this year's reinvention of florals and rose pattern.

  • Limited Edition High Quality summer-themed Fabric Cotton Construction
  • 11.5 inches in length - (Each strap)
  • 100% Latex Free Tubing to Lock the Sunglasses in Place
  • Custom 11 mm (0.43 inch) CottonSnaps™ riveting 
  • Patented Epoxy-Coated & Water-Resistant Magnetic Attachment for Ease of Use
  • Perfect Fit for Large Frame Sunglasses

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